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Soldier raised money to pay for a boy's new face

In 2003, a British soldier named Wayne Ingram was on a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia when he met a four-year-old named Stefan.
Stefan was born with a rare deformity called a facial cleft, which was causing his eyes to move farther and farther apart, leaving his nose was basically split down the middle. Due to the high cost of survey, unfortunately, his parents couldn't afford to have it fixed.
Luckily, Wayne didn't forget about Stefan when he got back to the U.K., and started raising money for him.  In the first four years, he raised about $145,000, which paid for three surgeries.
Then doctors had to wait until Stefan got older before they could do anything else.  But Wayne never forgot about him, and recently raised another $25,000 for a fourth operation, which happened earlier this month.
Stefan still needs at least one more minor surgery, now he basically looks like a normal 14-year-old kid now. 

- Kelly Urich 

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05/12/2014 7:15AM
A Soldier Raised Money for Over a Decade to Help a Random Kid with a Facial Deformity
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