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A Cough Lasts 18 Days, NO Matter WHAT You Do

Here's something important to remember when you inevitably get a cough in the next few months.  You can take cough syrup, drink herbal tea, take antibiotics, and visit your doctor DAILY....but it's not going to make a difference! 

According to a new study out of Georgia College, a cough lasts 18 days no matter WHAT you do.

Dr. Mark Ebell led the study and says, quote, "Patients will come to me and they've been coughing four or five days, so they ask for an antibiotic.  After eight or nine days, they're still not feeling better, so they ask for a stronger antibiotic."

But more than 90% of coughs are VIRAL, not bacterial.  It's probably just a cough, not bronchitis.  And viral coughs can't be treated, they just go away on their own.

Dr. Ebell says you should really only get your cough checked out if it lasts more than two weeks without getting better, or you're having more serious symptoms like shortness of breath or bloody mucus. 

So, in short, stop getting drunk off of sudafed. . . Boulevard Wheat is better. 

- Kelly 

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01/15/2013 7:53AM
A Cough Lasts 18 Days, NO Matter WHAT You Do
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