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A Guy Stops On His Way To Disneyland To Pull A Driver From Fiery Crash

Bob Michels was driving through Southern California on his way to Disneyland with his family when he saw a tractor-trailer lose control and veer off the highway.

The tractor-trailer crashed into a bunch of cars at a car dealership, and burst into flames. The truck happened to be hauling paper towels, so the fire got out of hand almost instantly.

Now, at this point Bob could have kept driving, and concentrated on making good time....which every dad knows is the MOST important thing on a road trip. But that's not the type of guy Bob is.

Instead, he immediately pulled over, got out of his car, jumped a guardrail, hopped a fence, and pulled the female driver out of her truck just as the flames were about to reach her.

Firefighters eventually got there and put out the fire, but not before it destroyed the entire truck, ten cars at the dealership, and damaged six more.

Bob DID eventually make it to Disneyland,  and in addition to winning the respect of his family, who watched the whole thing unfold, Disney officials also rewarded him with the meaningless title of "Honorary Citizen for the Day."

- Kelly Urich 

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10/09/2013 7:47AM
A Guy Stops On His Way To Disneyland To Pull A Driver From Fiery Crash
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