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A Kansas High School Video Gone Viral

Students and teachers from a high school in Wallace County, Kansas (Near Salina) have created a YouTube video parody that has gone CRAZY viral. It protests the recent lunch restrictions placed on high school menus

The video is a parody of ‘We Are Young’ by the band Fun, and the chorus includes such lyrics as, “Tonight, we are hungry.  Set the policy on fire.  It can burn brighter than the sun.” - Kelly Urich 


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09/27/2012 7:59AM
A Kansas High School Video Gone Viral
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09/27/2012 8:13AM
You Can't Make Them Eat It
The new school food guide lines are not effective if the kids don't eat them. The kids are hungry at school. I just want them to eat. I don't care so much what it is.
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