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A Man Catches A Baby That Fell From A Third-Story Window

A 45-year-old man in northern Italy named Luigi Barbanera was sitting at a stoplight on his way home from work, when he saw a woman on the street screaming for help.
Luigi immediately jumped out of his car, and realized WHY she was screaming...It turns out there was a two-year-old boy standing on the ledge of an open third-story WINDOW! 
So while the woman called 911, Luigi positioned himself underneath it. And sure enough, the kid lost his balance and FELL...but Luigi was right there to CATCH HIM!
The impact knocked Luigi to the ground, and the kid ended up with a bloody nose.  But other than that, they were both fine.
It turned out the boy's mother was doing laundry while he took a nap.  Now Luigi is getting the hero treatment, and he's all over the news in Italy.
He says he was only in the area because his wife had asked him to stop at the bank, adding that fate just put him in the right place at the right time.

- Kelly Urich 

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12/17/2013 8:10AM
A Man Catches A Baby That Fell From A Third-Story Window
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