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Are you feeling a little out of the loop today TOO?co

Don't feel bad.  I'm right there with you.

I know the name "Walter White."

I know he's a chemistry teacher.

I know there's meth involved.

I know this is the show's logo, and you can turn your name into it too!  (Thanks Facebook.)

And when it comes to "Breaking Bad," that's about it.

It's seemingly the hottest show on television, and everyone seems to be raving about last night's premiere.  Though, I feel incredibly out of the loop on things...I've never watched!  I know I can't be alone, though I'm feeling as though I'm in a pretty small minority.

If you've watched...what do I need to know?  Where do I need to start?  Shall I WIKI it?  Tips appreciated...comment below.

And I promise...I'll catch up before it goes off the air!

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08/12/2013 3:44PM
Are you feeling a little out of the loop today TOO?co
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08/12/2013 4:47PM
Breaking Bad
All the episodes are on netflix up til season 5. If you gorge all week you could possibly be caught up by next sunday
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