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Baby Saved At 37,000 Feet

A 15-month-old baby suddenly stopped breathing during a flight from Tampa to Phoenix. Reacting quickly, the pilot headed to Houston for an emergency landing, but obviously the baby didn't have much time.
Luckily, there was a guy on board named Garrett Goodwin who was sitting two rows behind the kid. As a former Army medic who now teaches CPR for a LIVING, he immediately jumped up to help when the kid's grandmother realized something was wrong.
He started doing chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth, and says there was a moment when he didn't think it would work – but suddenly, the kid came back around and started CRYING.
At that point, some of the other passengers ALSO started crying because they were so relieved. The flight ended up landing in Phoenix an hour late, and a bunch of people missed connecting flights – but no one complained about it.
According to Garrett, he was just in the right place at the right time. It's not clear why the baby stopped breathing, but he's okay. Garrett even got to visit with him the other day. 

- Kelly Urich 

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03/13/2014 8:19AM
Baby Saved At 37,000 Feet
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