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Bad Hair Day?

Anyone ever point out that you were having a bad hair day, and it made you smile? I'm mentoring an 11 year old boy and during school, one of his classmates leaned over to me and whispered, "your hair is really messy". She went on to say, "I'm only telling you before someone else does". Her honesty made my day. I still smile thinking about it.

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The Empty Pockets LIVE!

Our friends The Empty Pockets stopped by the Point studios for a special performance of their song "Fall Right Now." It's awesome, check it out below, and stop by and say hi to them at or at Enjoy!

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SNL hits another home run with Maya Rudolph in the hosting chair!

SNL has always been hit or miss, but this sketch during last week's show was great. Maya Rudolph and Jay Pharaoh just nail Beyonce and Jay-Z, respectively. Check it out below for some laughs.

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Bruno heads to "the Street."

Sesame Street continues to reel in some of today's hottest singers, and now Bruno Mars can tell you how to get there. Bruno sings a song about not giving up with the help of Elmo, Grover, Telly Monster, and more.  Check it out below:

I absolutely LOVED Sesame Street when I was a kid, but does this show seem a lot cooler now then it did back then?

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Adele gets the cover treatment...

It seems like everyone and their mother is covering Adele these days. Just search "adele cover" on YouTube, and you'll get a multitude of results, ranging from Point artists David Cook and Mike Posner showing off their cover skills, to John/Jane Doe singing their hearts out into a webcam microphone. You'll find some gems in the mix, like this one of Linkin Park covering Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." Lead singer Chester Bennington pours even more soul into a song that was already overflowing with it. Enjoy!

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Kings of Leon Documentary? This should be interesting...

It's easy to see how far Kings of Leon has come when you get a chance to look at their roots. Thanks to a new documentary from Showtime, you get to do just that. It's called "Talihina Sky," and dives into everything from the band's strict religious upbringing to backstage moments at their concerts. With all of the drama that goes on amongst Kings Of Leon, this is sure to be pretty interesting.

Here's a preview of "Talihina Sky."

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Lady Gaga: Officially a Pop Superstar!

Madonna. Michael Jackson. And now, Lady Gaga joins them as a pop superstar. Not for topping any charts, not for selling a certain number of albums, but for getting the Weird Al treatment.

Weird Al Yankovic has parodied Gaga's song "Born This Way," calling it "Perform This Way." The song is about mainly about Lady Gaga's stage antics. Yankovic already has a music video for it, and it's pretty funny:

Yankovic said he was a bit concerned that parodying the song might hurt the song's empowering image for the LGBT community, so he decided to donate the proceeds of the single to the Human Rights Campaign. For the full article, check out the link below.
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Cee Lo Distilled

First it was Conan O'Brien, and now it's Cee Lo Green who just made a documentary about himself.

Cee Lo teamed up with Absolut Vodka to film a three part documentary which contains backstage clips, interviews, and lots of behind the scenes footage. Part One and Two are out already, and can be found at Absolut's facebook page:

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Hooray for daytime TV!

Look, here's the deal: I work in the afternoon/night. Most of the time, I'm not up or around to appreciate daytime TV. But when I am, I love to tune in. It's a whole different world compared the prime time tv landscape. There's different types of shows and commercials, and the amazingly addictive infomercials. I get sucked into the Time Life music collector set ads on a fairly regular basis. Don't ask me how many times I've watched the Soft Rock collection ad with Air Supply; it's embarassing.

I think SNL shares a bit of my curiosity in daytime TV, as shown with their spoof of those Taxmasters ads:

This is SNL at its finest, taking a small, odd part of pop culture that we've all noticed, and skewering it. Jason Sudeikis and Bobby Moynihan sell it so well too. Enjoy!
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Gaga Faux Pas?

I'm not quite sure you can even use the phrase "fashion faux pas" in regards to Lady Gaga. Everything thing she wears is so different that I think that phrase never qualifies. In this case, you might say she made a "cultural" faux pas. Lady Gaga was on a Japanese talk show the other day, and came out in typical Gaga fashion, except this time, she was dressed like a panda:

Well, pandas are not native to Japan, but actually China. The hosts of the show seem to skip right over it, but I'm not sure if Gaga knew that she made any kind of mistake. At any rate, her outfit is a bit modest compared to some of the other's she has worn, and she actually looks pretty good.

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