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Dog Reunited With Owner After A Car Crash And 65 Days In Desert

Back on June 1st, a woman named Rose Sharman was driving from Flagstaff to Phoenix, blew a tire on her RV, and FLIPPED it in the middle of the Arizona desert.

She had her two dogs with her, and unfortunately one of them was killed in the crash.  But her one-year-old hound-mix Ily survived, and ran off into the desert after the crash.  Rose has been recovering and confined to a wheelchair since then, so she hasn't able to look for her.

But when her community heard about the story, more than a HUNDRED volunteers formed a search party and went looking for Ily.  Some of them even camped out in tents.  But they didn't have any luck.

Then last Monday, after 65 days in the desert , they managed to catch Ily using chicken as bait. 

In the two months she was missing, Ily went from 55 pounds to 30 pounds.  But overall, she was in good health.  And that's possibly because she teamed up with ANOTHER stray dog she met while she was wandering in the desert.

The volunteers managed to catch that dog TOO, and a local animal shelter was able to reunite it with its owner as well.

- Kelly Urich 

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09/04/2013 8:40AM
Dog Reunited With Owner After A Car Crash And 65 Days In Desert
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