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Guide Dog Saves Baby From Accident -- Pushes Stroller Away From Car

28-year-old Jessica Cowley from England is legally blind, and for the past five years, a black lab named Jet has been her seeing-eye dog.

Jessica was walking down the street with Jet recently, and pushing her one-year-old son Jacob in a stroller when a CAR suddenly came straight at them.

Now, Jessica only heard the tires screech, and had no idea where the car was.  But Jet saw it immediately, and pulled away from Jessica's grip, which would normally be the WRONG thing for a guide dog to do.

But in this case, Jet lunged at the stroller, and pushed the baby out of the way.  Then she went back for Jessica, who'd already been hit.  She was lucky to walk away with only a few bruises.

Meanwhile, the stroller tipped over, but the baby was fine.  And even though Jet wasn't TRAINED to do anything like that, Jessica says it was exactly what needed to be done.  And that Jet has always treated her son like it was HER child.

- Kelly Urich 

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10/08/2013 8:42AM
Guide Dog Saves Baby From Accident -- Pushes Stroller Away From Car
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