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How to survive the first few days of diet soda detox!

If you haven't heard, I've decided to ditch my addiction to diet soda for lent this year.  If you're someone who finds yourself downing 2-3...or more...per day...yep -- I've been with you.  But, I've learned a few things to help me cope.  They are...

1.) COFFEE - I'm not giving up the caffeine completely.  (I'm pretty sure that would lead my body to curl up in the fetal position.)  I'm drinking more coffee, but then again, EVERYTHING from the health community says that it's way better for you than diet soda.  I'm using a little Stevia, the zero-calorie plant sweetener, so I avoid the other manufactured fake sugar.

2.) SPARKING WATER - As I noted in my previous blog, this stuff is gives me the fizz that I'm used to!  Plus, it's great with a little fruit in it at night.  Sure, a lemon or a lime are traditional, but I tried putting some blueberries in just for fun; great flavor -- and very refreshing!

So -- I may be about 40 hours into a 40 day detox, but so far, so good!  Thanks for all of your words of encouragement and I'll keep you posted on any other great tips I stumble across!

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02/15/2013 9:25AM
How to survive the first few days of diet soda detox!
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