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If You Start Using a To-Do List, You'll Conquer The World

You really need to start using a to-do list.  Just THINK of what you'll get done. . . 

According to a new study, the average person would save about 90 WASTED MINUTES every day if they organized themselves better, and used a to-do list to get through everything they needed to get done.

That adds up to 547.5 hours, or almost 23 EXTRA DAYS a year in time you'd save.

The authors of the study say with THAT much extra time, you could watch about 328 movies, eat 547 extra meals, or have sex at least 1,095 times.  But you won't.

The researchers asked people what they'd do with extra time, and the top answer was housework and chores.  The rest of the top five are shopping and errands, cooking, managing your social calendar, and helping kids with homework.

- Kelly 


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01/30/2013 8:33AM
If You Start Using a To-Do List, You'll Conquer The World
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03/11/2014 6:18AM
09/22/2014 7:55PM
Doing Does.
Deal Feel Seal
07/20/2015 10:40PM
i definitely created this template and you stole it. how classy. stay classy :/
01/01/2016 7:59AM
Write it down, Make it happen!!!!
Look around, its happening!!!!
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