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Is there an easy way to kick a diet soda habit? name is Tony...and a diet soda addict.

(Group.... "HI TONY!")'s true...since about 8th grade, I've downed at least a diet soda a day...and most days...a lot more than one.  Through college, I'm pretty sure my blood was 50 percent water, 20 percent caramel color, 20 percent aspertame, and 10 percent natural flavors.  When I adjusted to "the real world" about 10 years ago, I was in the same boat.  In fact, it wasn't until last summer when I started a new eating plan that cut down on the amount of diet soda I drank (from 3-4 cans/day to just one), that I noticed how jittery and up and down it made me.  Now, I'm ready to give it up for good.

My plan is, in essence, one-third lent, one-third health, and one-third personal challenge.  After I posted about this yesterday on our Facebook page, a handful of you chimed in on how YOU quit your diet soda addiction.   In reading through your posts and doing some googling, here are the four big tips I'm going to be following to kick the diet soda habit.

1.) REPLACE THE FLUIDS WITH WATER - it's healthier, your body needs it, and it will keep you far more hydrated than that 20 oz. bottle ever did.

2.) REPLACE THE CAFFEINE - although I'd like to kick this entirely, it's probably not as feasible.  Thus, I'll allow myself coffee in the morning and iced tea at lunch -- easy on the artificial sweeteners.

3.) REPLACE THE FIZZ - it's the "intangible" of diet soda -- that FIZZY feeling!  I'm going to stock up on some flavored, unsweetened seltzer water.

4.) REPLACE THE RITUAL - it's not as prevalent, but I think we all remember this commercial -- and yep -- it made the "break" a household name!  With that in mind, my "2:30 run to the vending machine" will now be stocked with the above noted seltzer water.

I'll keep you posted on my progress right here on my blog, and if you've been through this too, I'd love to hear your challenges and feedback.  Did you lose any weight kicking diet soda?  Do you feel better?  (Hope so!)

It may be a small step for mankind in living a healthier lifestyle, but for this man, it's a BIG wish me luck tomorrow...HERE GOES!

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02/12/2013 9:45AM
Is there an easy way to kick a diet soda habit?
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