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Lies Your Parents Told You

The other day, I got an email from Beth in KC telling me of a story of his parents lying to her back when she was a child. When booking a birthday party for her son, she decided upon Chuck E Cheese. Beth's son's birthday was a Saturday, but back when she was a kid, her parents told her that Chuck E Cheese was closed on Saturday's, leaving her to book the party on a Sunday. Once her son's birthday rolled around, she checked the store hours and notice...."OPEN SATURDAY..." For twenty some odd years of her life she believed this lie.

Thus, I posed the question to POINT LISTENERS and asked them what did your parents lie to you about that you didn't learn about until you were an adult? With all of these stories that I heard this morning, I think that we should write a book!

Listen below to heard all these terrible lies parents told their kids 

- Kelly

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01/11/2013 9:00AM
Lies Your Parents Told You
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