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Man Runs Mile for Each Of 58,282 Soldiers Who Didn't Come Home From Vietnam

When 65-year-old Mike Bowen of Flushing, Michigan visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. when it was finished in 1982,  he was so inspired by the sacrifice of so many soldiers that he decided to do something for ALL of them.

For the past 31 YEARS, Mike, who was lucky enough to be stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War, has been on a mission to run one mile for every American who died or didn't make it home. All 58,282 of them! 

Over the past three decades, despite three knee surgeries and a battle with cancer, Mike's run almost every day, and competed in 52 marathons and dozens of other races, all while carrying a flag for POW's and soldiers missing in action.

He finally reach his goal on Friday when he runs four miles through Washington D.C., and ends at the same Vietnam memorial where it all started.

Mike specifically chose Friday because it's POW Recognition Day, which he says not enough people know about. 

- Kelly Urich 

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09/23/2013 7:43AM
A Man Runs One Mile for Each Of The 58,282 Soldiers Who Didn't Come Home From Vietnam
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09/24/2013 9:22PM
That is just absolutely incredible!
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