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Man goes back to pay his tab 73 years later

When you feel guilty about something, it tends to stick in your mind, even if it's something small – ESPECIALLY if it's small! This is a story of just that…


Last Tuesday, an anonymous woman walked into a restaurant in Salt Lake City called Lamb's Grill, and told a waitress she was there about a crime her FATHER had committed.


As it turns out, the last time he'd been there was in 1941 when he was ten years old. After her ten year-old father finished lunch with a friend, they realized they didn't have enough to cover their ONE DOLLAR tab. So as any ten year-old would do, they dined and dashed.


Apparently he's felt EXTREMELY guilty about it for the past 73 years, because the daughter explained that he was still so embarrassed, he chickened out at the last minute, decided to wait in the car, and had HER go in and pay!


So the daughter ended up handing over $5 to cover it, and left. It turns out, however, a different person owned the restaurant in 1941, so the current owner is trying to track them down and give them the five bucks.


And the kicker… when you adjust for inflation, a dollar in 1941 is the equivalent of $16 today. So in other words, the 83-year-old has still only paid about a THIRD of his bill. 

- Kelly Urich 

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04/08/2014 8:36AM
Man goes back to pay his tab 73 years later
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