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Man's wife passes away, wins the lottery

Timothy McDaniel is a 55-year-old truck driver from Marysville, California. Sadly, he lost his wife to a heart attack last week. It is possible that he may be smiling today, and here’s why:
The day after his wife passed, Timothy stopped at a gas station and bought a $1 scratch-off lottery ticket. Now, normally you're happy to win 20 bucks on one of those things, but Timothy's ticket ended up being worth $650,000!
He decided to take the lump sum of $375,000, and plans on to buying a house and a truck with it, with the rest going into the bank.
Timothy says his wife must have had a hand in it. Quote, "I think she just kind of sent me this money so I could continue taking care of the [family]." 
- Kelly Urich 

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04/01/2014 8:25AM
Man's wife passes away, wins the lottery
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