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Skydiver in Freefall Rescued

A sky diver in freefall knocked out COLD from a fellow sky driver accidently hitting him in the back of head, leaving the skydiver unable to open up his chute.

This whole traumatic, yet amazing event was all caught on film from a small camera that was attached to the helmet of an experienced 25-year-old skydiver named James Lee.

Seconds after James jumps, one of his fellow diver's legs hits him in the back of the head knocking him out. The camera goes wobbly as James tumbles, unconscious, from 12,500 feet toward certain death. Now keep in mind, skydivers fall at the rate of 120 MILES AN HOUR on average!

His fellow skydiver’s approach James making hand signals to check in to see if he's okay. Seeing he's not, they reorient his body to the correct position and then deploy his chute.

As James drifts towards the Earth in the English countryside, he regains consciousness with no memory of the incident!  

- Kelly Urich 

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01/30/2014 8:32AM
Skydiver in Freefall Rescued
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