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Shoppers Mistakenly Break Into Store...Pay For Goods Anyway

Last Sunday night, the manager of a store in Wayne, New Jersey called Buddy's Small Lots received a phone call from police letting her know there'd been a break-in.  So she drove to the store but didn't find anything missing.

Then she checked the security footage, and figured out what happened.  Apparently no one realized that the lock on the front door was broken.  And the lights were left on overnight, so it looked like the place was open for business.

The security footage showed four men walking into the store around 7:00 P.M., doing some shopping, then searching for someone to ring them up.  Obviously there wasn't a cashier there though.

But instead of STEALING the sunglasses and batteries they wanted to buy....which would have been easy...they did some math in their heads, and left enough CASH to cover it.

The men eventually came back after they saw the story on the local news, and the manager gave them gift certificates for being honest.

Good to know that there are still some good, honest people around! 

- Kelly Urich 

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09/06/2013 8:39AM
Shoppers Mistakenly Break Into Store...Pay For Goods Anyway
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