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THIS is why Apple has more money than the US government...

I'm an iPhone user, but far from an "Apple freak" like many of my friends...but this post from Apple CEO Tim Cook has actually taken me a little more in their corner!

It seems when they added new software and replaced Google's mapping program with their own app, "Maps," it didn't quite live up to expectations.  Their response: a well-timed apology to say, basically, "hey American public -- we goofed!  In the meantime, try these other programs, and we're going to fix it."

That's probably the boldest response from any company Apple's size in QUITE some time when it comes to customer service.  And obviously, it shows why Apple is such a leader in its field, and why Apple loyalists are so loyal.

I think it's safe to say, it'd be a far better place if every major corporation took their fans as seriously as Apple did. 

(And yes, NFL...I'm looking at you when I say that!!)

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09/28/2012 3:07PM
THIS is why Apple has more money than the US government...
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