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The BIGGEST commercial from last night's game IS...

Sure... Taco Bell's salute to the elderly was nice, as was the Budweiser Clydesdale's nod to it's trainer...but in Kansas City, those ads were trumped by one very unique name: LEON SANDCASTLE.

The alter ego of NFL star-turned-commentator Deion Sanders, the commercial features a wigged out Deion blasting through the NFL combine, and taking his rightful place as Kansas City's first pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

It was refreshing to see some attention for our team last night on Twitter and Facebook during the run of the game, as we've been so...well... not-refreshing for the last year.

If you COULDN'T get enough Leon, there's already a replica jersey awaiting you on below and start bidding!  Looks like you could have one of your own for about $75.00.  Although it might be a lot to spend on a jersey for someone who will never play a game at Arrowhead, you'll undoubtedly remember "the time Kansas City got featured in the ad during the game" FOREVER.  And I'd rather have that memory than remember anything from the last 16 games!

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02/04/2013 4:30AM
The BIGGEST commercial from last night's game IS...
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