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Thinking about having your child take music lessons? Here's why you SHOULD...

As I've shared before during our Christmas Choir Competition last December, I've been playing music since is was 4.  Yep -- I was the one that couldn't go out to play until I did my 20 minutes of piano practice (which, as you can see to the left, didn't help my street cred).  I fought with my parents over piano lessons; I threatened to quit more times than I can count, and it wasn't until I was in 8th or 9th grade that I realized I actually had learned something pretty special that not everyone else knew.

About that time, I picked up playing the drums as well.  Through high school, I was the QUINTESSENTIAL band geek.  Marching band...concert band...pep band...jazz band...choir band...orchestra band...pit band... yep, I played in them all, even conducting a little bit for our basketball games my senior year.  When I got to college, I tried marching band for a little bit, but eventually, moved on from performing.  (After all, there was a college radio station to work at.  And beer to drink!)  But through it all, I realized that I had some special talents from my music background.  I also knew that participating in music through elementary school, high school, and into college, taught me a lot about hard work and discipline...but no one had put it all in writing until I read THIS.  If you played an instrument in school, you're UNDOUBTEDLY going to relate to a few of the examples this former tuba player points out.  AND, if you've ever thought that your kid might have an interest in music, the author points out just a FEW things that this may help your child with -- well beyond the scope of just playing the tuba...or the trumpet...or the piano...or whatever!
So check out this article by Andrew Schwartz; it's worth the 5 minutes read -- along with the self-actualization that those of us who grew up with music will experience...and the future opportunities it could bring to someone's life who could gain SO MUCH by exploring their creative side in the world of music.

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03/21/2013 8:38AM
Thinking about having your child take music lessons? Here's why you SHOULD...
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