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Toddler falls Into septic tank -- Saved by two men who jumped in headfirst

On Saturday, a toddler fell into a SEPTIC TANK in Maricopa, Arizona, and immediately the toddlers mother started screaming for help.   
Without hesitating, a 28-year-old named Henry Ricketts – who just got out of JAIL two weeks ago – took off his shoes, and went in after her, HEADFIRST. Once Henry got in there, he couldn't find the todder and he had to come up for air when he accidentally INHALED some of the septic tank water.
Quickly another unidentified man dove in headfirst, and just from feeling around, he managed to grab the girl by her arm and pull her back up.
Now, by this point, several minutes had gone by, and the girl wasn't breathing – which is when a THIRD person ran in, gave her CPR and mouth-to-mouth, and REVIVED her! She's currently in the hospital recovering and expected to be fine.

- Kelly Urich 

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01/15/2014 8:38AM
Toddler Falls Into Septic Tank -- Saved by two men who jumped in headfirst
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