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Top 5 Things For A Happy Relationship/Marriage

This is also the PROVEN FORMULA for a happy marriage.  Couples who are happy do these!

Below are the top 5 things people said they wish they would have done differently if they could start over:

#1.  Expand your conversations.  Don’t just talk about daily chores, but talk about long term dreams and goals.  I do this with my wife daily.  This doesn’t mean you can’t live in the moment, but have future plans and SHARE THOSE PLANS TOGETHER!  IT’S HUGE!  IT’S #1 on the list!

#2.  Express your LOVE daily!  Give them those 3 words and don’t just say it…let them know YOU MEAN IT WHEN YOU SAY IT!

#3.  TALK MORE ABOUT MONEY!  Money is the biggest source of conflict in relationships.  Determine what money means to both of you.  Security, status, control?  Then share your financial goals and how you both get from point A to point B.  Low stress money conversations are good.

#4.   Realize that BOTH OF YOU ARE TO BLAME for almost every problem.  Blame US…not him or her.

#5.  Don’t get bored together.  Ride a roller coaster, go to a park, do movies, dates and fun stuff.  I share this on the show….every single day Hillary and I do something fun together.  Sometimes it’s a movie…sometimes it’s playing with kids, walking the dog….dates…  BUT DO IT DAILY!  Life’s too short to waste every single day without some fun. 

Source:  Terri L Orbuch PhD - University of Michigan

I conducted my own little story here with POINT LISTENERS! Listen below

- Kelly 

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01/10/2013 8:29AM
Top 5 Things For A Happy Relationship/Marriage
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