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Truck driver pinned, frozen to ground for hours saved by the love of his wife

Guys, the next time you complain about your wife NAGGING you to death, remember this:  It could actually end up SAVING your life! 
On Monday, truck driver named Tim Rutledge had his truck break down near Indianapolis when the NEGATIVE 40-degree weather locked up his brakes.
But when he got under the truck to check it out, the truck shifted in the snow and PINNED him, leaving him unable to reach his phone. 
Luckily, Tim calls his wife Lisa in Orlando every morning, without fail. So when he DIDN'T call, she got annoyed and started calling him over and over and over again – and that vibrated his phone so much, it FELL out of his pocket!
Now, by that point, Tim had been stuck for about EIGHT HOURS, and was frozen to the pavement – so he COULDN'T dial. Luckily, he was able to use the phone's voice activation feature to make a random call, which ended up being his boss, who called 911.
Soon after that, paramedics found Tim passed out under the truck, and had to cut him out of his frozen clothes. He's currently back home recovering, but shouldn't have any lasting injuries. 

- Kelly Urich 

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01/10/2014 7:54AM
Truck driver pinned, frozen to ground for hours saved by wife's calls
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