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Two girls meet at college, become friends, and find out they're half-sisters

Ladies, have you ever told your best friend that she's like a SISTER to you?  Well, maybe look into that….
An 18-year-old freshman at Tulane University named Emily Nappi was recently going through the school's roommate-match process, and noticed that she shared a bunch of common interests with a 19-year-old freshman named Mikayla Stern-Ellis.
Unfortunately, Mikayla had already found a roommate, but they became friends, started talking about their childhoods. the fact that they were both from California, and then realized they'd also both been conceived through ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION.
Since they looked alike, they joked with friends that there was a 25% chance they were RELATED. Then over Christmas break, Mikayla's mom told her it might not be that crazy, because it turned out both girls had a sperm donor who was COLOMBIAN.
So they compared the donors' ID numbers and it turns out they ARE half-sisters. Both girls are currently pursuing acting at Tulane, which was also an interest listed in their father's donor profile. 

- Kelly Urich 

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01/24/2014 7:46AM
Two girls meet at college, become friends, and then find out they're half-sisters
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