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Woman Adopts Dog Hours Before It's To Be Put Down - Saves Her Four-Year-Old Son'

Two weeks ago, a 28-year-old woman in Minneapolis named Christi Smith saved a 10-month-old pit bull named "Tater Tot" from an animal shelter just HOURS before he was scheduled to be put down.  And last week, he returned the favor.

In the middle of the night, Christi heard him barking, and noticed him running back and forth between her and the bedroom of her four-year-old son Peyton.

So Christi went to check on Peyton, saw he was barely BREATHING, and rushed him to the hospital, where doctors realized his blood sugar was dangerously low.

Now, when your blood sugar gets to that point, your body starts burning fat for energy, which produces things called "ketones."  And one theory is that the dog could SMELL them and knew something was wrong.

Doctors still aren't sure WHY Peyton's blood sugar dropped so much, but he's back to normal, and tests showed he's NOT diabetic.  Meanwhile, Christi originally planned just to foster Tater Tot until someone adopted him.  But now she's decided to make him part of the family.

- Kelly Urich 

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10/10/2013 8:37AM
Woman Adopts Dog Hours Before It's To Be Put Down - Saves Her Four-Year-Old Son's Life A Week Later
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