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Wanna avoid the flu? Don't touch THESE 6 THINGS!

Kelly Urich is notorious for being the germaphobe on staff here at 99.7 The Point...but this year...I'm taking his lead!  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is noting that this year's flu outbreak is worse than normal; perhaps because people haven't been getting their flu shots, perhaps because there are multiple strains, or maybe a little bit of both.  Regardless, they've noted that there are 6 items you'll want to avoid touching if you want to avoid the flu.  (Here's the story from 41 Action News/KSHB.)  The six things:

  1. The handle on your refrigerator
  2. Phones -- even your cell
  3. TV remotes
  4. The handle on your microwave
  5. Door handles and light switches
  6. Grocery carts

(Well -- I guess that's technically 7 items.  But alas, you get the Point.)

We can't all live in a bubble, but we can be smart about things.  Stock up on your hand sanitizer, wash your hands, open the bathroom door with the paper towel in your hand...all that...and your chances of avoiding this thing are MUCH better.

So I'm NOT saying to do exactly what Kelly Urich does (I'm not sure I'd ever advise that 100%), he MAY actually be right this year.  :)

Photo via flickr / pmarkham

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01/10/2013 9:07AM
Wanna avoid the flu? Don't touch THESE 6 THINGS!
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