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What's YOUR best or worst excuse?

I have to be honest. I've called in a number of different ways to get out of going to work.  One time I called in "miserable" because I worked with a crazy person.  Then there was another time that I had to actually call in because my legs were numb and I couldn't walk because I let a "little person" sit on my lap for about 45 minutes (and didn't realize how heavy they were).  What's been your "best/worst? excuse to get out of work?  Click the "office" up top to read the full article and see some of the hilarious excuses people gave!

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10/11/2012 11:29AM
What's YOUR best or worst excuse?
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10/22/2012 8:36PM
I have to study so I can't come. Really sorry moms rules:(
10/22/2012 8:38PM
Sorry I have to study moms rule
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