WickettLeigh In Love

99.7 The Point’s midday chica, Leigh McNabb and her husband, 98.1 KMBZ’s Mike Wickett, are newlyweds facing the often not talked about world of infertility.  Laugh with them.  Cry with them.  Hopefully rejoice with them as these two radio crazies talking about being #WickettLeighInLove

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Ep 6 - Dyes & Tries & Oh Mys!

Tuesday, November 21st
Leigh explains her most recent test and the next steps. Does everything have to be so serious all the time? Not with these two!

Ep 4 - I Am Kate

Tuesday, October 31st
This week's episode of "This is Us" finally made Leigh cry. What caused the waterworks (and no, it wasn't the fertility drugs...we don't think)?

Ep 3 - Misshapen and Spunky

Wednesday, October 25th
It's Ep Three of #WickettLeigh In Love! Our adventure as we navigate starting our family and the often unspoken world of infertility. Just a heads up - this...