Kelly Urich Mornings - Hosts


Favorite Actress/Actor:
Jennifer Garner

Love or Money: Don't they go hand in hand?

Most Important Physical Feature in opposite sex: Eyeballs

Biggest Turn-Off: Embarrassing, unwanted hair.

Bedtime: 9:00

First Thought Waking Up this morning: Is that the cat or a kid making that noise?

Worst Habit: I eat uncooked macaroni.

Pets?: Starbuck the cat. He will speak, roll over, give me a kiss, shake hands and say "mama."

How would you like to die: The same way I was born. Naked, bloody and screaming.

Favorite place in KC to people watch: Classic Cup on the plaza.

Best spot in KC to see a show: I love the Midland!

Best Concerts: Eagles, John Mayer, Lauryn Hill, No Doubt....too many to mention.

Favorite Quote: Stay on afternoons....that's where all the listeners are.


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