Tony Lorino Middays - Hosts


Favorite Actress/Actor: Actor: Matthew Perry / Actress: Cameron Diaz

Love or Money: LOVE! After all, there will NEVER be a recession on love, right?

Most Important Physical Feature in opposite sex: Smile

Biggest Turn-Off: People who complain too much. If I wanted to see Eeyore, I'd rent Winnie The Pooh.

Bedtime: 10/10:30ish.

First Thought Waking Up this morning: Wow…is that Kelly Urich in my hallway? Oh, thank goodness, it's just my clock radio.

Worst Habit: I've been told I'm an OVER-communicator…a.k.a…I talk too much. At least I ended up in the right business, right?

Pets?: My wife and I are parents of an overly-boisterous labradoodle named Max who we found at Wayside Waifs! He's a very good boy, even though he is 75 pounds and still thinks of himself as a lap dog.

How would you like to die: Holy cryptic, Batman! Let's just hope it's a long, LONG time from now.

Favorite place in KC to people watch: Any patio on The Plaza.

Best spot in KC to see a show: The Midland…from the upstairs bar!

Best Concerts: I'm a big fan of ALL concerts, though seeing Kelly Clarkson live with my wife (who may be Kelly's biggest fan), was really, REALLY cool! Hopefully Kelly will come to KC sometime soon and give everyone hugs backstage again!

Favorite Quote: "Don't wait for the other guy, BE the other guy." Just one of those things that holds true in life and leadership!