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Pay-It-Forward: Stranger's Baggage Fee Paid By Good Samaritan

Having your credit card declined can be embarrassing and is plain no fun...But it's an even worse if you're at the AIRPORT, rushing to make your flight, when the airline counter employee lets you know that your card won't go through. Confused and embarrassed because your card shouldn't be maxed out, you step out of line to check your balance. 

Meet Andy, who only wanted to be identified by his first name...

"Having my card declined was extremely embarrassing, even though I didn't know a single soul in that airport," Andy said.

Heartwarmingly, when Andy returned back to the counter, a Good Samaritan had generously paid his baggage fee and left a note:

"Hey, I heard them say your card was declined. I know how it feels. Your bag fee's on me. Just pay it forward the next time you get a chance. Have a safe flight. :)"

The kind act didn't just have a financial impact on him— "Seriously, reading their note gave me goosebumps and gave me faith that there are still good people out there," said Andy. 

Andy says that he's not going to plan out how he'll pay it forward..."I think it will be a random decision, a spur-of-the-moment type thing, I really don't think that that person walked into that airport, saying, 'I'm going to pay someone's baggage fee today.' So neither will I."

A good reminder to always'll just never know when it could come to help you!  

- Kelly Urich 

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08/09/2013 8:09AM
Pay-It-Forward: Stranger's Baggage Fee Paid By Good Samaritan
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