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Woman Finds Stray Puppy in Cambodia...Paid $4,500 to Have Shipped 6,000 Miles

Elise Dixie, A 26-year-old special-needs teacher, from England was volunteering in Cambodia, when she came across a stray puppy that was covered in mange and close to dying.

Stray dogs are common over there, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, however Elise brought the puppy to a vet, and then to a local animal shelter.

The problem is that in Cambodia, it's even harder for dogs to get adopted than it is here in the States.

When Elise went back to England in December, the puppy was still up for adoption. So when she got home, she asked her parents for help.

And for just over $4,500, they had the dog shipped over 6,000 MILES back to the U.K., where he was reunited with Elise and named him Snooky.  He's now about a year old, and in very good health. 

- Kelly Urich 

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08/15/2013 8:03AM
A Woman Finds a Stray Puppy in Cambodia...Paid $4,500 to Have it Shipped 6,000 Miles
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08/25/2013 2:36PM
Ppl like that are hard to find(Ppl that go beyond the normal)
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