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911 Operator To The Rescue After Wedding Dress Stolen

On Sunday morning, a woman from outside Seattle was just hours away from her wedding when she realized someone had broken into her car....and STOLE her WEDDING DRESS.

She called 911 to report the crime, and an operator named Candice picked up.  It turns out Candice just got married 18 months ago, and when she heard what happened, she asked her supervisor if she could help....then offered to lend the woman HER dress.

She texted the woman a photo of it, the bride decided she liked the dress, and thought it might even FIT her!

Candice called her husband, and had him drive across town to get it from her parents' attic. In fact,  he wasn't even supposed to be home -- he was actually home SICK when he should have been camping.

Oh, and he needed a key to the house, so he picked it up from his brother-in-law on the way.  Only he ended up grabbing the WRONG key, and had to go back for the right one.  In other words, there is NO WAY any of this should have worked.

But it DID!

The husband eventually nabbed the dress, dropped it off at the groom's house, and the wedding went off without a hitch! 


- Kelly Urich 

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08/19/2013 8:08AM
911 Operator To The Rescue After Wedding Dress Stolen
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