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A Man Lose Wedding Ring...Woman With a Metal Detector Finds It

32-year-old Casey Brooks was boogie boarding in Atlantic City last Wednesday, when his wedding ring slipped off and fell in the water.

Now, when you drop something in the ocean that doesn't float, you've got about a five-second window before there's ZERO chance of finding it. Obviously a wedding ring is important, so Casey and his wife searched for almost FIVE HOURS.

Despite the fact that he knew where he lost it, they had no luck.  Then, just as they were about to give up, they saw a woman walking the beach with a metal detector.

Casey admits that he didn't want to ask for help, but his wife insisted. And it turns out the woman was exactly the right person to talk to, because she realized the tide was going out, the current wasn't very strong, and knew where to start looking.

And in just 15 minutes, she FOUND THE RING!  It was buried under a foot of sand in ankle-deep water, about 30 yards from where it slipped off Casey's finger.  In other words, he NEVER would have found it without her.

As a reward, Casey gave her the $100 he had in his wallet. 

Crisis adverted! 

- Kelly Urich 

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08/22/2013 7:32AM
A Man Lose Wedding Ring...Woman With a Metal Detector Finds It
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