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Dentist Generously Fixes An Injured Bicyclist Teeth ... On One Condition

A 20-year-old in Portland, Oregon named Andy Sweeney recently crashed his bike while he was riding home from the store....because, get this, a group of teenagers tossed a TRAFFIC CONE at him.

Andy ended up with a concussion and two of his front teeth were shattered.  In order to cover the thousands of dollars in dental bills, his friends started a campaign online to raise money.

Then the local news picked up the story when they saw a photo of Andy smiling and showing off his messed up grill.  After they caught the attention of a local dentist named Tracy Robinson...who offered to fix Andy's teeth for FREE!

But Tracy had one condition --  he asked Andy's friends to take the money they'd already raised, and donate it to CHARITY.

It's not clear which charity they've chosen, but Tracy's suggestion was the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, because he has a daughter who suffers from it.

- Kelly Urich 

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08/30/2013 7:53AM
A Guy Raises Money For His Shattered Teeth...Then A Dentist Offers To Fix Them For Free If They Dona
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